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36" Induction: F&P, Fulgor Milano, Thermador, etc?

last month

Our 36" gas range died and we're thinking of going induction. Having a lot of trouble deciding which brand to go with.

One of the biggest complaints my wife has had about our range ( is the oven size, in particular the depth. It seems like a lot of the 36" inductions, though, are similarly sized or even smaller? It's hard to even get a read on that because not all manufacturers publish the actual usable space of the oven, or usable dimensions, to be able to compare them all apples-to-apples.

  • Fisher & Paykel (Classic) seems like the top contender at the moment
  • I'm tempted by the Thermador Pro Harmony largely because of the rebate (would be nice to get a dishwasher too!), but the oven seems small and fairly average/mediocre
  • The Fulgor Milano Sofic Pro looks nice and checks a lot of boxes — seems like it might have one of the bigger ovens among 36" induction ranges? — but I see folks criticizing reliability (though not clear whether that's based on evidence or not)

Guidance VERY welcome!

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