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The 1st Pruning of the Season - How little do you leave left

last month
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Getting closer towards spring. Buds are showing on all the rose bushes...

I always question about this and have yet to remove a cane flush to the soil.

In looking at at the current state of them (grafted), I DO see some new stems here and there that have emerged from the soil ( YAY). On the few that I see a fresh stem that has emerged from soil up, depending on the framework, I think I will have the cajones this year to remove older stem flush with the soil.

In others, it is still the original stems from planting, with a strong WYE-Y branching cuts from the stems that came from the rose itself. No new stems from the soil up.

And I recall seeing Heirlooms video on pruning. Granted they sell own root, so theirs does seem to have natrual tendencey to have stems coming from groud up.

See how drastic the culling went in this video as a example

Anyhow, he's pretty drastic with pruning. He leaves about 8-9 stems per rose bush, and cuts them all down to about 12-16 in height .

Fellow GW rosarians.

How much and how low do you do your 1st prune of the season.

Any tips for tree standards.

I found one video that was interesting in that the *tuber suggested for standards, for framework, pune to a bud facing down as well.

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