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Bathroom closet flange replacement on copper pipe

last year

Hi all!

I recently bought a home and am renovating my master bathroom and am unsure about how to lower the closet flange. The bathroom floor has plank subfloor and was built up using a mud bed. After demoing the floor, the closet flange is about 1.25-1.5” above the subfloor. There isn’t much options to purchase brass closet flanges and I most I see for sale are flanges for pvc/abs/cast iron pipes. I plan on replacing the subfloor to 3/4” CDX plywood and want to avoid building up the floor so that the tile will transition as close to even with the wood floor at the threshold. Would it even be possible to work with the current closet bend? Would this require cutting a section out and converting it to pvc/abs with no hub adapters? Any advice would be appreciated.

The vanity drain and venting and location of the toilet

The closet flange and bend is connected to 3"copper waste pipe. Vent pipe in the back around shower area.

The vanity waste line is tied in with the side inlet of the closet bend

The closet bend in relation with the subfloor.

I would like to transition the tile floor with the hardwood (3/8" thick). The previous mud bed and tile had two transition pieces and was awkwardly high so that's why I would like to avoid building up the floor if possible.

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