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Help me renovate my bathroom closet

14 years ago

I was inspired by bathroom closet photos on another thread to seek help from the greater GW community. We have a typical 1950 bathroom: peach tile, solid old tub, tile floor (on slab) and closet with access to tub/shower plumbing.

The closet currently holds the water heater. The w/h can be relocated to an adjacent utility closet. If we move the w/h, how to handle the space? The closet's framed opening is 30" W; the closet interior is 34" W. Closet is 34" D to front of door framing; 28"D inside of framing. We removed a full height, folding, louvered door for painting and, 2 years later, still have a curtain in its place. Time to deal with this!

Two problems:

1. closet is wide: use 2 doors or leave open?

2. Floor tile does not extend into the closet. Short of retiling entire bathroom floor, what can we do?

Floor view, with curtain

Tension rod view(!)

Behind the curtain. See uneven tile line. Looks like the doorway was widened at some point?

Water piping leads into adjacent utility closet, through the wall down there...

And reappears here (white plastic piping under air handler)

And goes across room to this set-up

Which makes me think the w/h must have been in here originally. Perhaps had to be relocated to bathroom closet when the enormous old air handler was installed (we replaced it in 2006).


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