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Updated room layout and could use more input

Patty C
4 months ago
last modified: 3 months ago

UPDATED: We have rearranged our furniture based upon one of the layouts suggested in one of the comments and we are thrilled! There are so many advantages to the new layout: overall room appearance, traffic flow, and when we swivel our chairs to watch tv we can now read the subtitles (we were definitely too far away from the TV before. Best of all I can now see the mountains from my chair when turned to face the sofa. Besides rearranging the furniture, we replaced the coffee table with an inexpensive round one, removed the ottoman for the corner chair and left the chair as a reading nook. I also moved some art around and rearranged on the wall. I'll add a comment to the end of this thread with new pics of the living room and questions for finishing off the room.

ORIGINAL POST: The living room is our only space for both entertaining and tv viewing. We do have a separate dining room. Currently the tv sits on a console against the largest wall perpendicular to the fireplace wall. We don’t think we want to put the tv over the fireplace, but have considered moving it to sit above cabinets to the left of the fireplace. That would require some rework of the shelves as they are stationary and don’t fit the tv as they are.

So we’re not sure if we should keep the tv where it is, or if we should relocate. We’re also hoping to replace a good bit of our current furniture, and don’t know if we should be shopping for sectional, sofa, loveseat, chairs or what so that we can make the best use of the space. I’m including i pic of the fireplace wall showing the cabinet space (this is a listing photo, so not our stuff), and also a floorplan showing our current furniture arrangement. Any help would be appreciated. We are lost!

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