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Answers to questions about layout - need more input!

12 years ago

Thanks to all of you who responded so quickly! Here are some answers to your questions:

1. Flipping the range & sink walls - Probably a good idea, especially since the range could then be vented on an exterior wall. The other location creates a big (expensive) hassle and requires changes on the 2nd floor. Florantha, as you noted there are ways to make the sink wall attractive.

2. Traffic pattern - actually there won't be much traffic through the mudroom door through the kitchen as we live in an old "sidewalk" community where everyone (including us, even though we have a carport) parks on the street & enters through the front door. I envision the grocery unloading through this door, letting dog out, access to grill, but no crowds through here.

3. Symmetry & Axis - Ah, here's the rub. The designer & architect have designed the layout so that the island & range are on axis with the french doors in the new sunroom. Beautiful. This creates a problem, however, with the distance between the corner of the island & the wall between bkfst & sunroom, as bmorepanic notes. This will definitely be where the traffic flows and tempts me to turn the island so that it faces the sunroom. However, it then cannot be on axis with doors without being too close to the current sink wall. I AM GOING BONKERS!!! I want it to be beautiful AND function!!

4. aisle widths, etc. - Buehl, thank you for your detailed comments! Yes, the aisle between island & current sink wall is 42, between island & range is 44.5. I THINK that is cabinet to cabinet, but need to confirm. Sink wall is 7.5' long, range/fridge wall is 11'.

5. Zone issues - I'm currently planning on an additional trash located under prep sink to service the cooking/prep zone so that should solve some problems. Also was envisioning prep taking place to left of prep sink (a little small - 24"), as you noted Buehl and, when necessary, to right of prep sink on long counter. If the main sink & range flip flop, then perhaps moving prep sink to other end of island closer to sunroom makes sense. Yes, Buehl, if the range moves, then there will be about 18" of landing space on either side vs. about 22" where it is.

6. Island orientation - Bmorepanic, you are right! I am worried - but can you figure out how to keep the island on axis and have ample space for circulation? I need the size for storage and I really want seating there.

7. Breakfast room - the built-ins there are cabinetry for storage and desk area that can be closed off by retractable doors, so don't really want to add beverage area there. WIll store liquor here and set up bar at breakfast room table when entertaining.

8. Moving fridge to other end of range wall - certainly possible, but again, messes up the symmetry/axis. I sort of like it where it is because it can be easily access from bkfst area for drinks without getting into cook/prep/clean zone.

Sorry for so much detail - I am TKO!! I want it all - on axis, enough room for circulation behind stools at island, functional and gorgeous. Is that too much to ask?

Thanks again in advance!!! I will try to post elevations with clearer measurements once homework, dinner, etc. are done. Y'all are great!

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