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I'm getting there - More Layout Input needed

11 years ago

I have taken Rhome's advice and "created" a walk-in pantry and in the process created a whole beverage bar area (that's what I get for talking to my husband ;)

Thoughts? Input? Suggestions? What am I not thinking about? It's drawn as though every seat is being occupied, which is unrealistic but gives an idea of where traffic flow pinch points will be.

Currently, I cook and DH does the dishes. I anticipate we may be a 2 cook kitchen some day as we currently have two eager little helpers.

(A little OT - I was encouraged to hear Blfenton drew up 53 layouts before she got to what was ultimately created. I will keep plugging along. I think I am only at about 12 - aren't you glad I didn't start posting them until I got to layout 7 or 8.)

We are going from this:

To something like this:

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