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Bosch Benchmark HIIP057U vs LG Studio LSIS6338F induction range

Laurel C
last month

These are the 2 ranges in question. I have the ability to get the Bosch range for around $4k, so it would save me ~$900 to go with it. The LG model is sold to online retailers (I chatted with LG customer service trying to determine the difference between this and the other LG studio induction range. As far as I/they can tell, it's just the handle that's different). As I see it, pros/cons for each of them are below.

Bosch Pros:

No knobs, this makes wiping it up easier

Lower overall price for me

Has flexzone/griddle/bridge burner capability

Handle matches the dishwasher we're going to use

Glass top overlaps the counter and can be caulked to the countertop to reduce goo getting between the range and the base cabinets.

Bosch Cons:

Burner Layout - the big "main" burner is located at the center of the cooktop vs towards the front

Smaller oven capacity (not really that big of a deal)

LG Studio Pros:

Looks like this handle nearly matches the dishwasher

Better burner layout

I like the blue oven interior

larger oven capacity

Has some features that might be neat, but probably won't get used very often

LG Studio Cons:

Drawer is just storage, doesn't do warming (not that big a deal)

Has some annoying features like knock on the glass to turn on the light

Has knobs, which means something other than a flat surface to wipe clean

Will cost a little more to buy

I'm sure I'm missing something. I don't have experience with either brand's ranges, and I know that there can be weirdsies with different brands. What am I not considering?

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