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Electrolux Induction - element size vs pot size!

Hello everyone!

I'm rather new to Houzz, but I've been reading the extensive discussions about ranges on here for the past couple weeks.

We're shopping for a 30" induction range, and have pretty much settled on the Electrolux ( due to ... well, reviews and price.

We flirted with the Bertazzoni, but were dissuaded by many reports of a loud fan and constant issues and... well, the search has been long and exhausting.

We're on the verge of buying - good price, reputable dealer - but I have one last fear: the element sizes. I have lots of existing pots and pans (some le crueset, some regular) which exceed the size of even the largest element on this Electolux (8 3/10") - all the elements seem very small.

Does anyone have experience with this or other induction elements and pots/pans which are larger than the burners?

This is currently keeping me up at night and ... I don't know what else to do! Any help out there?

Thank you! :)

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