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Placed my seed order today - got stung on the shipping

mxk3 z5b_MI
2 months ago

I spent close to $120 on seeds, I didn't even order all that much. Which is fine, I get multiple years out of a packet. It's the shipping cost that stings. I had to order from three places because I'm almost out of the butternut and the charantais cultivars that I always grow, and of course one place doesn't have everything. Ordered 2 things from Johnny's totaling $10.50, and the shipping was $8 - ouch! The biggest order was from Park Seed, I think the shipping was close to $12 + $1.00 fuel surcharge (what is that?!?) for 9 packets. About $9 for four packets from Territorial. So 15 packets of seed = $30 just in shipping costs. Dang.

(yes, I know everything costs more, I want to rant so let me rant...)

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