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I GoT StuNg

14 years ago

For years I have had perennials with hundreds of bees in my garden at any time. I pick flowers with bees all over the plants, weed around the base of hundreds of bees, never got stung or ever even taken interest in.

Today I am walking to my car and something big flies into my face and lands on my eye. I felt the legs pinching my eye and I had no idea what it was, but I had to get it off my eye. My hand automatically tried to push it out of the way and it stung me! Man did it hurt and it still does! I have no idea what it was as I did not see it. I heard the buzzing as it flew away. I could not find a stinger, so perhaps it was not a bee. I do have some carpenter bees living below the vinyl roof of my front porch.

I still do not know if I was just attacked or if one landed on my by mistake and stung me when I tryed to brush it. I never heard of a bee just deciding to land on ones face.



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