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At 61-year-old, taking care of my health is vital for growing roses. Didn't realize that vitamin A is essential for good sleep since it regulates the circadian rhythm. If I sleep well, I can do more in the garden. If I have enough vitamin A, then I can maintain my eyesight to enjoy roses.

The genetic INABILITY to convert beta-carotene in plants into vitamin A caused macular degeneration in many of my 8 older sisters. From healthline website:

"Vitamin A1, also known as retinol, is only found in animal-sourced foods, such as oily fish, liver, cheese, and butter. Your body can produce vitamin A from carotenoids in plants. These carotenoids are known as provitamin A. About 45% of people carry a genetic mutation that significantly reduces their ability to convert provitamin A into vitamin A."

Age-related macular degeneration (AMD) is the leading cause of blindness in older people. See excerpt: BCO1 Gene: Converting Beta-Carotene to Vitamin A - Genetic Lifehacks

"Genetic variants in the BCO1 gene cause a large difference in the amount of vitamin A produced from dietary beta-carotene. About 80-90% of the retinoids in the body are stored in the liver. Retinol is important for:

  • Stem cells & Photoreceptors in the eye & Epithelial cells
  • Embryonic cells Various & immune cells & Red blood cells
  • Circadian rhythm
  • Deficiency: A deficiency in vitamin A can cause poor night vision, worsen infectious diseases, and blindness. Skin problems: Low levels of vitamin A may cause skin problems such as acne and keratosis pilaris (bumps on the back of the arms)."

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