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2 months ago
last modified: last month

Yes, I am a weather nerd. I want to know how much rainfall we are getting so that I can make informed garden decisions. For years I have been tracking the National Weather Service data for San Jose, my nearest large city, though we tend to get a somewhat more rainfall in our garden due to slightly higher elevation. Still I consider it to be a good baseline.

This year I am shocked at the difference. Beginning with this rain seaon's first rainfall back in September, we have had about 20" from the period starting with September, half of that this month. However, San Jose is still reporting only about 7". The place where they measure rainfall is about 16 miles from my house.

Frankly, I have begun to think there is something seriously wrong with the equipment at the San Jose Airport where the NWS takes their measurements. Apparently I am not the only person to think this. I just found a link calling the San Jose information "dubious" and recommending that we get our information from the Santa Clara Valley Water District instead. Here is a link to the water district's data. I am hoping that other area gardeners will find it useful.

The water district believes that San Jose has had around 12 inches, much more realistic in my opinion.

I hate bad data.

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