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too little sun for UC Verde, or other buff? zone 22

Need2SeeGreen 10 (SoCal)
3 months ago
last modified: 3 months ago


I would love to get some input on what type of grass might be best.

This is for a 12' x 21' patch in the northeast corner of a backyard. (For dchall, we are just north of the 405, near the Rossmoor/Los Alamitos area of Orange County in Cal. When I make it look better, I'll put a photo. I haven't done the soil test yet either.)

The area gets at least 6 hours of full direct sun in June.

However, now, on November 11, it really only gets maybe 2 hours or so of sun on the whole area. (There are structures nearby, which filter.) The northern wall is white and does reflect a good bit though.

I really like the idea of UC Verde but I suspect that this area may not get enough sun. And if not, are there any buffalo grasses that can take a bit of shade? (I am fine with dyeing it during the winter. Or overseeding with something.)

Also, I want something that is very flat and easy to walk on. (I think I asked about UC Verde and flatness before, but I couldn't find that post anymore, and I don't recall the answer given.) I don't mind if the grass looks bumpy, but it has to be flat to walk on. I'm not interested in fake turf, or in clover either.

Well, sorry if this is a boring post - I have seen many similar ones, but I haven't seen this exact question before. (Though, maybe I didn't search correctly.)

Thanks in advance!!

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