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Year of the Wood Dragon

2 months ago

The rabbit year went well for my garden. I focused on propagation lol!

Here comes the dragon in early Feb. Dragon is supposed to be good for changes, new ideas, new ways of doing things, energy to avoid procrastination, and get inspiration. Those who step up and take the initiative will get recognition and praise. If you have an idea its a good time to try it this year.

I went to the Huntington in San Marino to see how the pruning is going. Roses look strong and healthy. The Love Song standards in the adjacent garden are huge! Shrubs in the Antique rose garden next to newly remodeled tea room are flowering and happy. I love pruning time.

The new Japanese house on the hill is wonderful and the flowering trees in the garden of flowing fragrance Chinese garden are beginning. That lovely garden gets better every year as the plants mature.

I drove down San Gabriel Blvd. to the big market. They were decorating with dragons of all colors and on the hour pops and sparkles go off up front over the registers from hanging firecracker decorations. There are so many pretty gift baskets on display and treats of all kinds in lovely red and gold containers. I like the sweet nut candy assortments, the sesame candies hard and soft, crispy cookies and coconut pandan flavored sweets. I love pandan. If you havent tried it, its like vanilla because its gentle and floral. You can smell it with the taste. Most treats give a green color because pandan is from a green leaf extract. I saw beautiful sweet rice treats molded like fish in lovely colors. Another thing this year is the golden carriage. A wheeled carriage full of golden coins was another theme in decorations and gifts. Good year to bring some golden roses into your home.

Everybody have a prosperous and happy Dragon year ahead. Try out a fun idea and let the inspiration take you to new places.

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