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To Which Vegetable Would Thee Be Wed?

John Liu
last year
last modified: last year

A Weighty Question from DD and I:

What is your favorite vegetable?

Here, “favorite” does not mean you’re being exiled to Mars and only one vegetable will make the trip. In that case it would be hard to rule out the Indispensable Onion, a vital ingredient in so many other seasonings and dishes. It means the vegetable you would choose if you could base your future vegetable dishes on only one “primary vegetable ingredient”. There may be, as they say, trace amounts of onion in whatever dish you make.

”Vegetable” means one particular species of plant, not an entire extended family. You cannot say The Prolific Bean and thereby claim everything from lima bean to green bean, chickpea to mung bean.

This conundrum is posed from the perspective of a *home cook*, not the food industry. Nominating the Commercially Valuable Soybean can get you tofu and dog kibble . . . but only if you make it yourself from the raw bean.

To spare you the arguments DD and I had to enlist the internet to resolve, the Seductive Tomato is a fruit while the Stalwart Potato is a vegetable.

Finally, you can enjoy other non-vegetable foods as you please. We’re not planning for the Vegetable Apocalypse here.

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