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Brand new Thermasol Steam shower equipment not working properly.

Paul F.
2 months ago
last modified: 2 months ago

My house was damaged by fire and I'm in the middle of renovation. The one extravagance that I personally footed the bill for, not insurance, was a top of the line Thermasol steam shower with LED wifi video screen, lights, sound... you name it. It was $10k for the entire thing not including installation.

The setup includes a 'digital' valve controller that controls the showerhead, the wand and the body sprayer. Problem is that when you change the valve to the body sprayer and use a low setting, you get a dribble of water. The medium and high setting seem fine so clearly it's not my plumbing. The shower head and hand held wand works fine on the low setting, it's just the fixed body sprayer. Thermasol support initially sent a new valve which cost me $300 to change out. The new valve has the same problem but maybe with slightly more water dribbling out.

I had to cause quit a stink with them to get them to do anything else. They eventually sent out a local steam shower installer to verify the problem for them. He saw the problem immediately and told me that the valve was likely not calibrated properly at the factory and told me he would not accept it either. He let Thermosol know it was not operating properly while I was standing right there next to him.

Guess what Thermasol did about it? Nothing! Unbelievably, they have stopped returning my calls entirely! Even the local installer they sent out won't return my calls now either. Apparently, their solution is to stonewall me into accepting the uncalibrated valve. It's bizarre such a big company would do this, no? What would you do in this situation? Just use medium and high and drop it? Am I overreacting? I'm worried that they won't honor the warranty on the whole setup in the future.

The $2400 digital valve is the thing on the bottom right.

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