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More fun with Thermometers

3 months ago
last modified: 3 months ago

Recently, I got a ThermopenONE on promotion and told y'all about it. I've never been good with thermometers and probes, getting better results the old fashioned way, but I've been having fun with the ThermopenONE and find it much better and easier to use than anything previous I've tried.

I usually use experience, time and oven knowledge to cook small cuts of meat, like chops and steaks. I don't do it often, however, and don't know how to time it for other people and equipment. So, being that I liked the ONE so much, and Thermoworks has a standard promo that's nearly as good as the specials for just about everything in rotation, I indulged in a ChefAlarm (and got a second to give as a gift).

WOW!!!!!! Testing it at home was a big shrug. It worked, but I need to learn what to set it at. I was pleased that it worked. Much better than the oven probe!

Making a steak for Mr. Picky is easy, usually, but not so much when I'm trying to get food out for everybody else. I forget it. And much as I try to tell him to mind it himself, he forgets. He's good about it--doesn't complain and just eats it, but one does wish to be better. This time, at our "big" small Chanukah dinner, I used the weird oven which I don't know at all, since I had the ChefAlarm, and broiled the steak at 375° F on a cast iron grill pan, as usual in the normal oven, but with the probe sticking into the center through the side of the steak. I was concerned about the wire being on the edge of the grill pan, but it was just fine. It's meant to be closed in the oven door after all.

Before setting it, I looked up temperatures on the 'net, a few different sources, and grilled Picky himself for his ideal, and decided on 140 degrees. The alarm went off way too soon. I thought, can't be right, so I turned the steak over, leaving the probe in situ. The temperature per probe went down ten degrees or so. When the alarm went again, I took out his steak. It still seemed very fast, but it looked cooked, at least. I tried to get information from Mr. Picky about how it was but he had nothing much to say. Aparantly, it was just right! Out of my way, in the weird oven, it was just right.

Beautiful, bright red ChefAlarm, you do many other tricks, including the bend in the middle to sit up on the counter, or lay flat to stick via magnet to steel. If for nothing else than a steak for Mr. Picky amidst the madness, you are my new dream date, you're worth every penny, and you're always invited to the party.

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