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Holiday Party Chex Mix

I've not made this in at least a dozen years. Thinking I'll make a custom mix for family. It has been tradition since i was a wee one. Mom made it every year since the 60's. She would hide it zip-locks since we would eat it---well duh. We would search the home foor the zip-lock bags like an Easter egg hunt.

Then 20 years ago she started making a 'heart health' version. No spice, minimal goodies, a wisp of butter, a hit of worchestershire. WTF. Dry cereal in a bowl and we did not touch it. No traditional flavors. (spices are heart healty but she missed that boat)

When helping to make our bed linens for the laundry a few years ago at the end of our visit, I found a gallon zip-lock bag behind, resting on the electric heater. (any cleaning under the bed would miss that). Yikes, rancid.

So, i'm making two---and ordering ingredients. A gluten/nut free and a 'whole hog' traditional.

Worchestershire has anchivies, 🙄

But lots of variations exist.

Any favorites since the 60's welcome....

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