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Why would a plumber bypass a tub spout diverter?

Terra F
2 months ago

Finishing a guest bathroom remodel. Plumber comes to install the last parts.
The setup is a tub/shower combo with an added handheld.
He said yesterday that the cartridge that works with the valve that came with the handheld didn't work because you can only work 2 things with it. Not the shower head, tub spout and handheld. Apex had the part. The plumber left and my husband raced to Apex before they closed and spent $160 on this new part so the guy could come back this morning to finish.
Last night it dawned on us that the controller should only switch the water from the handheld and tub spout. We should be able to use the diverter on the tub spout to switch the water from the tub spout and shower head, right?
Why is the plumber trying to bypass that so all 3 things can be controlled by the handheld controller?

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