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bath tub spout replacement problem

15 years ago

I replaced a bath tub spout with a Danco spout made to replace the old Moen spout.

I made a big mistake by cutting the 1/2" copper nub coming out of the wall to less than the minimum called for. The minimum length of the copper tube distance from the wall was 1.5", I cut it to 1". This resulted in water coming out of the back of the spout when I use the shower diverter on the


As I see it I now have two options to fix the problem

1 to remove tile and cut through the backer board remove and replace the copper nub by soldering a longer copper tube to replace the shorter one

2 cut out a piece of plasterboard behind the plumbing to gain access to the back of the plumbing and remove and resolder a longer copper pipe

My questions:

What's the easier option 1 or 2 ??

Am I missing another option that would be simpler?? ( I can't solder a coupling and a copper tube section to extend the copper tube from the wall as the coupling would interfere with the spout installation, not making it flush to the tile)

Thanks for your help!


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