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Stick vacuums?.....

last month

I regret selling my Mighty Mite vac last time I moved, but at the time I had no idea that I would have a shedder (Clementine) in my future. I do brush her but she sheds anyway, and everywhere. My big basic vac is too heavy, my little hand held vac does not reach the floor, my Sharks finally after some years were not recharging well and are gone. What to do?

I am going to try a stick vac. Some reviews have said they are light duty but I want something easy to carry specifically for dog hair duty, and even though there is a lot of it, dog hair is not very heavy so I reasoned that light duty should be fine. I have ordered the Dirt Devil Power Express Lite and hope it will be just what I need. Have any of you used a stick vac, and how did it perform?

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