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I love my $25 stick vacuum!

10 years ago

A daily chore for me (or it should be) is vacuuming up cat litter. I've been doing it with a cordless hand vac, which of course involves a lot of bending. It takes awhile, too, because even though the hand vac has decent suction, the opening is small and my cats scatter a lot of litter.

Before Christmas I saw this Eureka stick vacuum in Walmart. I didn't buy it right away, but checked the reviews when I got home. They were excellent, so I added the vacuum to my Christmas wish list. No one bought it for me (the nerve!), so yesterday I bought it for myself.

Well, the glowing reviews were right. The vacuum has remarkable suction, and made very short work of the cat litter. I quickly vacuumed the kitchen floor while I was at it. One odd thing: I found when I turned on the power brush to do the small rug by my kitchen sink I couldn't push the vacuum forward; I had to pull it toward me. But it still did a good job on it.

If anyone is thinking of getting a light-duty vacuum, I can recommend this one.

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