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Recommendations for a Lightweight Stick-type Vacuum???

11 years ago

I've had it with my seemingly always messy brick floors! I still have our canister Meile White Star, but it's a PIA to haul it out for quick clean ups. Actually, it's a PIA for me period, but that's another story (LOL)! Anyhoo, I've decided that I really need to get one of those lightweight, upright, stick-type vacuums for my never-ending quick clean-ups.

I need your advice though, before I actually buy one. They're not all that expensive, but I want one that does the job well, has great suction, and is not going to fall apart in a year. I'd also prefer one that's bagless. I have brick floors with Oriental rugs and two dogs. The brick floor part keeps me from buying one of those wonderful looking floor steamers, as most have soft cloth pads on them. My floors would shred those very quickly . . . but I digress.

I'm holding off buying one until I hear from you all. Help!!!


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