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First week of December

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I don't know if this how to start a new thread, but here goes.

I have been trying to think of something to plant, but the list is short for this time of the year. I think there are plenty things a person can winter sow, but I have never done that, so for me, it may just be a month of repair and prepping.

I have some black berries that need to come out, I can make better use of the soil. I doubt that I get one berry out of 50, because the birds keep them stripped. The berry vines makes it harder to work in the garden anyway. My berries are thorny, and want to grab me if I get within 6 feet of them.

My daughter is coming over for lunch today, and I am eager to show her Laken's garlic, Laken is her oldest child, and starting to show an interest in gardening.

I dont have much to talk about. I am taking corn and cattle cubes down to the creek east of our house and spreading it out on the ground for the wildlife to eat. I have two game cameras set up watching the area where I toss the food. I have well over 2000 pictures of possums, coons, crows and deer. The critters are cute now, in three months they will be an ugly menace, (a fat ugly menace).

I want to start feeding the birds in the yard also. I have left a lot of the weeds and grass standing in the pasture and there is still a good supply of seeds for the birds, but many plants have dropped their seeds by now, but the critters can still find them, but I like to keep the birds attracted to the garden, and a few containers of bird seed helps do that.

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