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Horrible blind install

Carly Maher
last month
last modified: last month

Hi Guys,

I have ordered wall too wall curtains and am really unhappy with the outcome

The company have messed me around alot and have ended up installing them after about a 4 month wait! and they are 10cm off from the wall either side

I was told they would be wall too wall

They are saying its "within standards"

They havent hung the S fold correctly and kept saying they will fix it up ”next time”

have been out 3 times since and not fixed it

They talked me out of block out curtains saying they hung terribly and I wouldnt like them

This is the fabric they use for blockouts

They still let a HUGE amount of light in even with blockout blonds behind them

The sewing looks terrible and they dont sit well anyway!

I have paid $2k of the $4k order

$3k for these curtains that have not been fitted correctly

what can i do? Am i within my rights to ask for them too be fixed? They are adament they wont

Very disappointed

my old $60 kmart curtains were so much better but I thought i would treat myself 😢

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