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Can you help me figure out why certain car seats give me hip pain?

last month

I'm looking for a new car and prefer a small suv; I currently have a 2010 crv and find the seat very comfortable. In looking at a few cars, (and my dh's car,) I'm seeing that they've built up the consoles in the middle and made the seats narrower. I'm certainly not a thin person, but I'm not obese either and don't carry weight in my hips anymore. After a test drive of a Subaru Forester, (which is my favorite,) I find my left hip hurts (on the side.) The new crv does the same thing to me. I need an suv for my lifetime back issues but don't want a big one. I was hoping for a hybrid, but not a plug-in. (Forester= no hybrid--boo.)

I can't for the life of me figure out how the measurement of seat hip room is measured! The numbers are usually in the 54-55-inch range. What?? Can anyone explain this to me so I can look into and compare widths of different car model seats? Something tells me they're all pretty much the same. :(

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