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Few questions about the window installation

Julie Chun
last month

Our home builders installed windows and the trims around them. And I have a few questions about it.
Q1. I took some close up photos and am not sure if you can see. But there is some white crumbly material between where the caulk is supposed to be between the window and the trim. These already started to look cracked with spaces opening up in between, so we asked our builder. PM tells us that "there is another round of paint and drywall coming that addresses the finish and the window and the trims". Is this really okay? Builder says that the final material will be caulk but I am not sure if this plaster-like material is going to be covered with caulk or be replaced with caulk. Is this a normal practice? I am just worried 😟
Q2. We have large living room windows. Drywall was fine initially, but it was all torn up one day when we visited. We are told that the trim that was installed initially had to be taken off due to wrong size and dry wall was damaged. We now have new trims up currently and you can't really see the damage cosmetically. PM is not very clear whether the drywall was restored to it's original state. He just told us that it will be repaired prior to trim installation, but no way for us to really know. Would something like this cause any big issues down the road?
Q3. Some of the windows in our house look really crooked and I wonder if it's a reasonable thing to request for these to be corrected?
Sorry about my long question, I hope it makes sense :) Thank you in advance for your input!

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