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What is this blue liquid? And a couple questions about spray foam...

last year
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We had low-pressure spray foam insulation professionally installed around our pipes and seams in our attic space of our cape cod (they'll be doing blown-in at the floors and batt in the walls). We noticed blue liquid with a strong chemical odor seeping through the pipe openings and walls where spray foam was applied (see pics below). What is this blue liquid? We haven't touched it in case it's toxic. I'm assuming it's soaking into our drywall that an issue?

Also, the company said it's safe to return to the house 1-2 hours after the foam was applied, but we've heard that you shouldn't be in the house up to 72 hours after applying spray foam. Since there's an odor we aren't staying at our home, but we need to spend an hour here and there to work on other things around the house. Do we really have to stay out for a full 72 hours or is 1-2 hours really safe?

The foam looks like it splattered around the water valve under the toilet and looks messy. Can spray foam be painted over?

Thanks in advance.

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