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Help! Old Brooklyn railway house with weird gap in walls!

Allie A.
2 months ago

Hello! I'm in an old Brooklyn house--the type of house that is railway style, leaving a bedroom in the middle w/ no windows. To help w/ natural light and air flow (in the old days-now, not so much a problem b/c of central air and heating), there is a cut in the wall, kind of like an open transom, where the wall is not built all the way up to the ceiling. It's about 3 feet, and as you can see from the photo, my husband hung an old flag over it so my daughter (in the interior bedroom) is not bothered by light at night. this is a very temporary fix since it looks absurd and doesn't really work.

My questions are--what should we do? Some initial thoughts are just building the wall all the way up w/ dry wall (would that look odd with the moulding?), adding a transom window, getting some sort of less-permanent but more temporary than the flag solution while we decide? Any suggestions much appreciated!

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