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Cast Iron Skillet Gift

2 months ago
last modified: 2 months ago

DD tells me that DSIL wants/needs a new cast iron skillet for Christmas or birthday. Because it is a gift, I am willing to splurge. However, I don’t want to buy a $250 cast iron skillet only to find out that the $25 Lodge would have been just as good. I’m looking for a 12” skillet without a lid.

I’ve looked at vintage Griswalds on ebay. I’ve looked at Fields on Duluth Trading. I’ve gone so far as to start a Pinterest board just to keep up with what I’m finding. My problem is once I find them, I don’t know which is better/best.

I prefer something made in the USA. I also prefer something that is not sand-cast which I believe takes Lodge out of the running. LeCreuset is out because he wants to use it on the grill.

My DSIL is very sweet to me. I want something that is going to light up his eyes when he opens it. Help me find the best choice, please.

ETA: apparently, I am wrong about the finish names. Sand-cast is smooth. Rough-cast is the one I think I don’t want.

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