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Low Ceiling Guest Bedroom (6.5-7ft)

2 months ago

We're about to rip out an old unused sauna and convert it into a guest bedroom but unfortunately the way the house has been renovated (several additions since 1880!) we anticipate having very low ceilings, currently the sauna has about 6'3" in ceilings so we think we'll be able to gain a few inches but theres a furnace/attic space above it so we know we won't get too much. Any tips?

- do we dark colours/detailed ceiling and embrace the cave feeling, or go as light and bright as we can?

- we plan on putting in a large (north facing) window for natural light

- should we have a low(ish) bed or does that not really matter?

- should we do recessed lighting or try and save ceiling space and only have floor lights/sconces/lamps etc? Room will only be about 8x13 but so it'll be "cozy" aka "puny" - It will likely only be used by my parents, brother, sister, etc - I don't need to impress them, I just want it as comfortable as possible given the space limitations

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