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What is wrong with my pothos?

2 months ago
last modified: 2 months ago

Hey! I am a relatively new plant owner! I purchased a golden pothos a few months ago. It has been doing really well, but I noticed that it had some holes/ tears in the leaves and repotted it a few weeks ago, removed affected leaves, and applied some neem oil as I feared it had a fly infestation. The last time I watered it was a week ago. The pot has drainage holes and I only water when the soil feels like it has dried out. I have it hanging in my window (basement, west facing) so it has low light except for certain parts of the day. It has been getting chillier especially right next to the window, but it is right underneath a heating vent. The plant looks healthy, but upon closer inspection, it seems to be growing a fungus? I don't know how to help it!

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