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Feedback Needed on Upper Cabinet Layout Choices

Danielle Gottwig
2 months ago
last modified: 2 months ago

This is a follow-up thread to a decision making process that began with this thread, a year or so ago:

Here's my current kitchen:

We're looking seriously at using Ikea's Askersund Dark Ash door for a replacement kitchen, which is a very dark brown modern textured door. I'd like to do light, bright tile with it, with white or dark counters.

We don't want to move any major elements, and my current kitchen actually works quite well for me functionally, so our layout options are really just tweaks. I want the major elements to stay where they are, but I want better corner cabinets and drawer storage. And maybe a pantry.

Options we're thinking about are:
(1) Keeping the layout we have exactly as we have it (shown above: exact same pattern and width upper / lower cabinets, but I'd lose the OTR microwave and do new lighting)
(2) Adding a 15" wide pantry next to refrigerator and keeping everything else around that edit the same (except I'd lose the OTR microwave and do new lighting)
(3) Adding a 15" wide pantry next to the refrigerator, and deleting the upper cabinets around the window (exceot tgat I'd lose the OTR microwave and do new lighting).

Here's an ikea planner rendering of the idea 2:

And idea 3:

On the range wall, we could put an under cabinet vent hood (replacing the OTR microwave):

or I might be able to find a wall hood that would fit:

A maybe important footnote to the above: If I stick with Ikea, I'm also stuck with their stock sizes, and the area under our soffits is lower than ideal. A 30" upper cabinet will be 17" off the counter, not 18", (Our current distence is 17.5"), and we lose another 3/4" or 1" if we want a light rail. (Sidenote--We'd be putting a 36" vent hood over a 30" range to get those two-low and too-deep ikea upper cabinets away from electric range.)

Would you keep the current wrap-around cabinets, even with the sitting a little lower than they do now? Would you open up the space around the window? What would you do to decorate the space that opens up? My current window feels a little underwhelming.

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