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Need Advice on Remodeling tiny student bedroom!

last year

Hi guys,
I am looking for some advice for redesigning/remodeling my room at my parents house.
When I moved out of my parents house and into a student dorm I gave my nice and big bedroom to my little sister and all moved my stuff into this tiny room.
I come home every other weekend and during holidays and use this room to sleep, study and watch Netflix with my girlfriend.
Being located on the north-west side of the house with only one small window, it is always super dark, so some warm, smooth indirect lighting would be great. I have already installed a new, bright ceiling light and some have led strips behind my desk and on top of the wardrobe.
I would love converting it into a bright, cozy room that you just WANT to be in. Right now, it just feels cold, dark and uninviting, and it doesn't even really fit an office chair!
I cannot remove wooden ceiling because this is a rental appartment.
I have been thinking of moving some furniture around, swapping out the convertible sofa for an IKEA Hemnes daybed, hanging some pictures on the wall and bringing in some fake plants (because no daylight lol). I think a beautiful big rug would be good, but I am very bad at choosing designs and they're always soo expensive ':D
How should I transform this space into a cozy, tiny bedroom/study space? I am really bad at designing and decorating rooms so I'm hoping for many creative and helpful ideas from you guys :)

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