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How can I support this light better so it sits flush to the ceiling?

Jaime Lynn
last year
last modified: last year

The bracket sent with the light does not fully support it. Therefore, it does not sit flush to ceiling and there is a gap as the bracket bends. Ballard designs support was no help.My husband thought to drill holes through the bracket and use anchors to better support it to the ceiling. However, I do not want to go this route because if we ever decide to change the light fixture there will be patching, painting and more work. Also, there are no studs nearby.I thought about doing a ceiling ring or something else to hide the gap, but I'm not sure of the direction to go with that.Does anyone have recommendations to fix this issue (thicker/stronger bracket, different way to mount, better support, ceiling medallion, moulding)?I would prefer to find better support through the ceiling/bracket itself without adding things around it to hide the gap,Thank you! :)

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