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My perfect "imperfect" roses in hot & humid Houston

last year
last modified: last year

My perfect "imperfections". When it comes to gardening, each of us has different expectations. We all want to grow something so that we can enjoy them. But what to do when the outcomes aren't quite the way we've hoped?

Some will try to find solutions to make it work. Some get frustrated and discouraged. Some say weather is to blame. Some choose to work with what it is and embrace the imperfections.

People often ask how I get beautiful blooms. The truth is my blooms most likely look exactly like yours. Mother nature will try to work agaist you but at some point will work for you. She can be unpredictable and I've learnted that trying to fight/getting frustrated or mad make me feel worse.

I am not a patient person or are 100% positive all the time. I used to be a perfectionist and my life suffered greatly. Through the years of shifting my mindset in all areas of life, I try to focus on what these roses can create despite tough conditions, their resiliency, their beauty - rather than my frustrations or disappointment with pests & diseases towards them.

I found that choosing to accept, embrace them, take care of them, trust that your rose garden will thrive and flourish, not letting frustations/disappointments take away my joy makes a huge difference in my journey. If something doesn't work, learn from it and move on. That's how I am able to enjoy my roses in our challenging weather.

This year, chilli thrips are absolutely horrendous in my zone. I almost lost 2 roses this year (but fortunately, they bounced back). I hope those who have a hard time with roses this year will try again because their beauty will bring you joy. Don't give up on your dream to create your rose garden.

The back of these blooms and foliages

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