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Improved Blaze or not?

last year

My next door neighbor (whom I have told to come in to our garden any time she wants to take some cuttings of roses) called me to ask what this rose was, when it was only showing 2 buds. She said she had gotten the cutting from my plant of 'Crimson Glory', but could not remember exactly where it was growing. The CG is still there, but not blooming at the moment. When I saw the several blooms open, I thought of the other red rose I had growing nearby, which was 'Improved Blaze". That one is gone from our garden, but I looked it up, and it looks just like her rooted pant to me. What do you think? My CG is a red which is much more towards the blue part of the spectrum, whereas as I recall my IB was more towards orange. She is planning on planting it under an arbor it can grow on, and as both roses are climbers and like our climate, I told her to just go ahead and plant it, and it would be happy. Just looking for confirmation or denial of this rose being Improved Blaze, so I can tell her.


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