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cl cramoisi superieur or Cl. Cecile Brunner?

9 years ago

So, I bought a house last year and this spring I have been buying a bunch of roses to get my garden started. I have a tree in the front that is calling out for a rose. It hangs a little to the side towards the street and it would be oh so gorgeous with roses in bloom hanging from it:) I have a cl cramoisi superieur and a Cl. Cecile Brunner and I don't know which one to plant. It will get part shade, lots of love, great soil and food. I bought the cecile for that spot but I was reading that there is an everblooming cecile and I was thinking of buying that one. The cecile that I have is from the Antique Rose Emporium (cl cramoisi superieur too). BUt I don't know if it is the everblooming one. But I was reading that the cl cramoisi superieur gets really big too. I don't know if it is a repeat bloomer all summer though. I would like something that will engulf the tree, bloom all the time and handle part shade. I know I'm asking a lot, but this is my first three months to have roses and I am obsessed. Thanks for your time!!

List of my roses so far:

Front yard:
Belinda's Dream
Archduke Charles
Abraham Darby
Lindee-came with the house
Mutabilis-came with the house
Mme Isaac Pereire
Mr. Lincoln
An unidentified rose-came with the house
a pink mini rose

Back yard:
Kordes Perfecta
cl. Peace Rose
3 Homerun roses
Carefree spirit
cl. celine forestier
celine forestier
Mamam Cochet
cl. Angel Face
Cl. frau karl druschki
cl. orange velvet
dudley cross
Mrs. B. R. Cant
Dark Night
Double Delight
Mr. Lincoln
Improved Climbing Blaze
Zephirine Drouhin
monsieur tillier
Cl. Cecile Brunner
about 10 or so mini roses I fell for at HEB for 2.99;)

Yes, this is all sadly since January,lol,


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