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Overwintering band roses in zone 6a??

2 months ago
last modified: 2 months ago

I just bought 12 own-root rose bands from Burling at Burlington (Cl. Jeanne le Joie, Mel's Heritage, 3 Malaguena, 2 Grüss an Aachen, and 5 Pink Grüss an Aachen). I did tons of research (mostly here and HMF) to decide on roses that would be winter hardy in my 6a Michigan zone!

But I didn't think about the fact that they might not grow enough to plant in the ground before our first frost (Oct 20 avg first frost date here). Now I don't know what to do with them! I repotted them up in 1 gallons with MG Potting Soil (the kind that feeds for 6 months, not moisture control) on the advice I got when I bought Parade, Mini Eden and Peggy Martin from LongAgoRoses earlier this year. They have all doubled or tripled in size in a few months! I feel safe planting them this fall (trying to include a photo below, they are in 2 to 5 gallon pots I think...Parade left, Mini Eden middle, Peggy Martin right in photo below). But what do I do with my bands? I'd hate to lose any! I'm a complete newbie at growing roses, so I've read this forum voraciously for the past year!

My native soil is heavy clay. Should I let them grow a while in 1 gallons while we are still having 80 degree weather? Should I plant them in the garden and mulch heavily or mound soil in the winter? Use leaves? Wait and dig a trench and bury them on their sides before Oct 20? Overwinter in my unheated, attached garage propped off the cement floor??

Help! I have my heart set on having roses next year (and not wasting almost $300!)

Sarah from zone 6a

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