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HELP - botched countertop & sink job

2 months ago

Please help!

My countertop guy a. did the wrong edge on the end- he did ogee where it meets the fridge panel and b. the sink support and caulk job is terrible.

I paid 4,700 for this. The stone is trye quartzite and there is minimal leftover (enough for 2 inch backsplash).

Should I demand he redo it??

The plumber came in and looked before he started putting in the faucet etc and told me the caulk job was not sufficient and flashed the light revealing several spots that were missing caulk/could see through and he said it WILL leak.

The countertop guy came back before the plumber arguing that it was sturdy and done fine. I called him back after the plumber came and he said let the plumber do his work and then he will be back tomorrow and redo it and put some more caulk.

However, I am now weary of how to proceed. Am I making a big deal out of these thjngs? I initially wasnt too worried about the ogee edge on the side because a. just shocked and didnt want to overreact & b. thought maybe some molding can be added to fix it.

Please help Asap!! thabk you

See the ogee next to the panel…. replacement vs let him put some molding on the left to match the panel…. (i have plenty leftover)

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