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Desperately Seeking Your Design Help

last year

A few months ago my wife and I received such great feedback on the site for our living room that we thought we would try again for our open area family room/kitchen.

We have a somewhat open floor plan and have had difficulty decorating the space since we bought the house three years ago. The layout of a little strange since the fireplace and center of the couch is off-centered due to the layout of the house. We would love to hear your advice on better ways that we can lay out and decorate the room.

A few things to consider:

  • We know the dining table is old and are either looking to add a new dining table to the space. This is our only dining place in the house where we can eat as a family. We do have the breakfast bar and island in the kitchen with ample seating but no space with another dining table.
  • We are considering moving the TV above the fireplace and putting artwork where the TV is currently located. We do have another TV room where we spend most of our time as a family.
  • We know we need artwork or a gallery behind the couch. We are also thinking of adding a thin sofa table behind the couch.
  • We have two young kids (4 and 1) which we need to consider regarding lamps or decorative items within their reach.
  • In the pictures, the brown chair is located in two spots. One further back towards the corner and the other closer to the fireplace. If we keep this arrangement for the furniture, where would you put the chair?
  • We are not sure about the console/sofa table under the picture window. Should we do something different? Is this one too small?
  • The last three pictures are of how the former owners decorated the space. We think they did a pretty good job decorating this space.
  • We are not sure what to do if anything with the hallway that leads to a bathroom and sliders to the deck.

We are very interested in hearing your advice and thoughts. Thank you in advance.

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