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Ceiling drywall ghosting - dark markings

3 months ago

Hoping to get insight into these ghosting marks on our ceiling.


-Built 2001 - 2360 sq ranch house w/unfinished 2200 sq basement.

-Great room ceiling (vaulted ) started ghosting around 2011? (first 2 pics)

-2012 - all wood floor and carpets removed. Installed LVP throughout. Stain primer and painted ceiling. Marks were painted over w/proper prep.

-2017 - new shingle roof, changed to ridgecap venting, added 11" blow-in insulation to attic spaces (because that was supposed to stop the trusses from absorbing the dirty particulate and wicking into drywall on ceilings).

-fast forward to 2020, few marks start showing but then it was almost like mushrooms, they are "everywhere"

-2022 many marks showing in other rooms besides original area, including sunroom (pic 3/4), master bedroom (vaulted), and master bath.

-not sure if I am going crazy, but I do see some cracks in the seams of drywall or rippling of corner drywall tape (not sure if this was there and I just never noticed before). In 21 years it is reasonable if our house settled.

Consults have included:

Roofer - original installer and 2nd opinion person - to double check ridge vent width, etc...

HVAC - to discuss whole home dehumidfier or other system if it is moisture issue

Builder - for other ideas to remedy

Insulation - had blown-in installer from 2017 back to see if he had ideas.

Insulation - have call into another company to get another opinion on soffit venting being added/clogged.

Painter - to hear of other places they may have encountered.

When we built our soffit venting was code for every other truss space.

Yes, our house does hold higher relative humidity. Yes, our house feels like an oven in the summer. Yes, we get some condensation on the windows in winter. We are located in Wisconsin. No shade trees on the house. Lots and lots of windows and exposure to thermal gain/loss. No we don't have a lot of houseplants or any reptile pets/aquariums. No I don't burn a lot of candles. We do have AprilAire but do not run it. We do keep our house on cool side for all seasons.

I have some theories but I wanted to put this out on Houzz discussions to see if there might be an angle I haven't considered. I want to solve the problem before we fix the ceiling.

Thanks in advance for looking at the pics and reading the post.

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