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Need design help with 11' x 10' (approx) galley kitchen please!

Kj Albany
last year
last modified: last year

Note: edited to update drawing with notes on location of rooms and objects surrounding the kitchen.

Looking to maximize the storage and ease of use of our small galley kitchen. Would love some input on cabinet types and placement, and where to put the appliances. The only elements we have decided upon are that the sink will be centered under the window on the right, with the dishwasher to the immediate left, and that a stackable washer/dryer will be in the lower left corner of the drawing. Edit: willing to consider other locations.

We can't move walls to take space from the dining area because there is an original built-in cabinet in the shared wall which we want to preserve. The 10,5" bump-in in the lower right of the drawing is a linen closet accessed from a hallway, which we want to preserve, but could consider eliminating. This is the preliminary drawing of the space from our contractor (edited to add location of rooms/objects surrounding the kitchen)

Below are some photos of what the kitchen currently looks like. I have to think there are better possible cabinet placements, but am having trouble visualizing it. We will be getting rid of the antique Wedgewood stove and getting a standard size range and removing the small broom closet to make space for the washer dryer.

I would SO appreciate any thoughts on the best layout for this kitchen, and any ideas for cabinet types and placement. Thank you so much!

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