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Should a washing machine drain to a septic tank?

Still working on the MIL's house. It was built in the 1950s, and as far as I know the septic tank was installed at the same time.

She has a newish washer / dryer combo, maybe 3 years old. She's always had it drain somewhere in the back of the yard.

Her septic is a septic tank, not municipal. She has municipal water, but sewer isn't available in her area.

As I'm working on fixing her plumbing, should I drain the washer to her septic tank? I'm concerned that it would fill up her tank and/or damage the bacteria. And she makes a point... if it ends up going through the tail line then what's the difference if we just drain it to the back of the yard?

If draining it to the septic tank isn't a good idea, what's the right thing to do?

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