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KT Gatherings used to be kept up by Joanne, I believe.

last month

I have the original page with so many lovely segments where members asked to see pictures of there cats, or kitchen.i loved this and never dropped out but could not get back in to The Kitchen Table after trying often. i go back pretty far..

Today i asked about The Kitchen Gatherings and must have asked it on Houzz but pressed The Kitchen table while on there.

eld6161 said they Googled it and found Kitchen Gatherings. i followed her address and saw more selections. Thanks so much eld! i guess my address is faulty, old.

KT Gathering Place - I wanted to look at the site called Empty Chairs and so many other things related to The Kitchen Table. i tried a couple of them and they were not working. some were, some not. is it still active? Senior Gal is on Empty Chairs. So that's up to date.

Tell me more about that page. Are people putting recipes on it? Does everyone know it exists?

it's a precious place.

Follow Eld6161 if you haven't been there.😊

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