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Induction cooktop will not carmelize brown sugar properly -- arrgghh.

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Try as we might, we cannot get seem to caramelize brown sugar properly for pralines with our Kenmore Elite induction cook top. My wife has tried multiple sauce pans, to no avail. The most recent pan is an All Clad 4 quart sauce pan.

What happens is that the sugar solution will scorch on the bottom, even when using very low and gradual heating. Today, we used the number 3 heat setting, which is pretty low. The solution also seems to be over cooking on the sides of the pan. I guess the induction power is heating the sides of the pan, in addition to the bottom.

The pictures of pralines don't look that bad, but my wife doesn't think they are going to harden properly.

Any suggestions as to what the problem is, and what the solution might be? Are we going to have to buy an old fashioned coil element cooking unit in order to make pralines? Thanks much.

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