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This hose is driving me crazy!

6 months ago
last modified: 6 months ago

As you know, I've always been a cheap gardener. If it isn't cheap or free, I don't want it. When I moved here, I bought a 100 ft. hose that winds all around my little yard to reach all the gardens easily. I spent a good amount of money on it, and after 6 years, it's still hanging in there, with only one problem.

The female end has broken off of my hose twice. I can't remember how the original one broke off, but I replaced it twice with one of those plastic fittings and it never has worked right. It leaks like a sieve, squirts water everywhere, and won't screw onto the spigot easily at all. I'm done being a cheapskate! Tomorrow, I'm going to Lowe's to buy some brass fittings to fix this hose once and for all!

Some things you can't be cheap about. I wonder how many gallons of water I've wasted with all that water squirting out? I'm a bad person. :(

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