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Odor driving me crazy! Can you solve the mystery?

7 years ago

We have an odor in our baby room that I can't figure out. The evidence I have gathered is very strange. Here is what I know.

- It is most like a urine smell. Nothing specific (cat, dog, or human), not chemical, but it's musty, and almost smells like a old wet diaper (dirty diapers are not kept in this room). And it doesn't smell like sewage.

- We have 2 cats and a dog, but the carpet is white, so we would know if there were pet spots. The door has been kept closed for over a year. They don't go in there, even if it's left open.

- The odor only surfaces in the early evening, between 5 and 8 or so. It never smells in the morning, noon, or middle of the night. Weird.

- If the bedroom door is left open, the smell is much stronger for some reason. This one is crazy to me, keeping the door closed helps.

- Opening the window doesn't help. The window open or closed does not affect it temperature outside does not affect it.

- The smell doesn't have a pin point area, it's just in the air. But if I had to pick an area where it's strongest, I'd say near the door. There is a ceiling vent there, but it doesn't smell. We had the vents cleaned and filters replaced, but nothing changed. We live in San Diego so we don't use the heat much, but we used the AC all summer due to the baby. I can't remember when the smell first appeared, but I do know that it went from rare to every night when we turned the AC off in the fall. This sounds like a big clue but the other stuff doesn't add up. The other rooms with vents don't smell. Turning on the heat through those vents occasionally in the winter didn't help or change anything. Closing the vent doesn't change anything.

- The room was painted and the carpet steam cleaned twice before the baby moved in. Possibly the padding? Could be our next project. It would be nice to solve it without doing that.

- There is a small attic over this room, but when I poke my head up there there is no smell or evidence of rodents. I'd have to say it's possible that it's rodent pee somewhere but why only a few hours a day? Why doesn't the window help? Why does keeping the door closed help?

This is a tough one. Please help!! Thanks.

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