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Which backsplash for bathroom sink?

10 months ago

Trying to make a final decision. Our original plan was to have a tile backsplash to match our shower with a soapstone counter, but soapstone ended up not being an option so we wound up with this marble-esque white quartz instead. We can stick with the tile backsplash plan or use the backsplash piece that came with it. Not sure which way to go since I'm not feeling the tile quite as much with the white counter--but I do also want to tie the room together and liked that the tile echoed the shower (just across the room, visible in the mirror). Thoughts on what you'd do?

Option A (poorly mocked up--the tile is all the same color, not variegated, and looks like the tile in the mirror):

Option B:

At some point I will probably swap out the drawer handles for something more traditional in polished chrome or nickel--this is just what it came with.


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